Red Sea from North to Brothers

Egypt is one of those places that never cease to amaze you. Blessed with a vast majority of the treasures that speak of its heritage, rich culture, and history. From the famous pyramids to the Temple of Luxor, you will have your eyes wide open in awe throughout the entire trip.

And of course, there are numerous other sites that will literally take your breath away. Such as the Great Sphinx of Giza, as well as their very own capital city, Cairo. Egypt’s beauty and wonders, do not end there.

Its endless blue of water of the Red Sea, that breaks the continuous line of dust holds stories untold. Beneath its sparkly blue surface, are colorful corals, reefs, and striking living creatures such as sharks. This is most important to adventure seekers and divers.

That said, if you are a diver looking for adventure, Egypt is the place for you. And, yes, liveaboard diving in Egypt is the best way to explore its underwater treasures. Let us take a look  why.


Top Dive Sites in the North of the Red Sea

There is no shortage of diving sites in the beautiful blue of the Red Sea.  All sites with their own special features and qualities to offer.  Starting with the Sharm El Sheikh located on the Northern part of the Red Sea, the peninsula of Sinai.

Sharm El Sheikh holds the best wrecks for divers that any site has to offer. One of them is the SS Thistlegorm Wreck that ranks as the best wreck dive in the world. One can finish off the trip to the Sharm Sheikh by visiting the Ras Mohammed National Park. The park is only a few minutes away and can make the trip all the more memorable.

Famous Brother Islands

The Brother Islands, also known as, Al Akhawein, are located in the middle of the Red Sea. Hence, they are only accessible on a liveaboard diving trip. The Brother Islands are two Islands, one larger than the other.  They are often referred to as, Big and Little Brother due to their differences in size.

The larger one is mostly for the thrill seekers that don’t mind rough currents. However, it is best to go there if you are an experienced diver for safety purposes. You are assured of stunning marine life such as sharks. Actually this is the best place in Egypt to dive with sharks. The area features whitetip sharks, reef sharks, thresher sharks and even hammerhead sharks, barracudas and giant trevallies. Moreover, manta rays are usually spotted along the beautiful reefs of the Brother Islands.

Big Brother will also please you with two historic wrecks, Numidia and Aida that attracts many divers from all over the world.

Diving Season and Features

One can visit the Brothers Islands all year round. Meaning, that anytime is good to visit the Islands. The limited access to the Islands is due to the fact that it was declared a protected area in 1983 by the Marines.  If you are looking out for the sharks, look out for the warmer seasons of the year, such as May and October. The visibility goes to at least 20m or more, making it great for diving.

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Top Liveaboards

In order to make your experience of the Red Sea more memorable, it’s best to join a liveaboard. Let us take a look at the top liveaboards available in Egypt.

Golden Dolphin III

This liveaboard holds nothing back when it comes to offering top quality service. Complete with private bathrooms situated in the double cabins, the liveaboards speaks of perfection. It holds 10 air-conditioned double cabins that come with complimentary offers.

Divided into four decks, each with their own special features and services to offer. For instance, the top deck has perfect sun decks for those sun tan seekers. The crew is certified instructors and divers to ensure the safety of those on board.

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Red Sea Master

The Red Sea Master, also known as the Blue Horizon. It holds 13 cabins, meaning that has the capacity to hold 26 people. Divided into four decks: Top Deck, upper deck, mid-deck and lower deck.

The crew consists of qualified individuals in diving and offering necessary information. In a nutshell, the crew offers top quality services that ensure safety and comfort.

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The Red Sea Adventurer

If you are one of those thrill seekers, then this is the liveaboard for you. It is complete with the perfect dive deck that can make your dreams come true.

The liveaboards can house at least 24 people. Their cabins offer complete privacy and comfort.The crew on board are experienced and are well- equipped to manage emergency situations. All this to ensure that you enjoy your vacation completely.

In conclusion, Egypt liveaboards are of top quality and offer the best service. There are numerous other liveaboards in the Red Sea that offer great services. However, whatever the case, ensure that you hire one that will ensure your safety as well.

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Courtesy of Divebooker “Diving at Brother Islands, Red Sea

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Do you want to see the replica of the Roman period open theaters which can boast seats of thousands of people and see the events? You just need to visit the Aspendos which is located on south of Antalya. It houses one of the oldest surviving classical age theaters that still stand good. Turkey has lot of Greco-roman period monuments which are still standing good or ruined partially. Pergamum is host to the one of world’s finest library. Now you will be able to witness only the ruins. Situated in the hill top it is one of the best atmosphere to witness. If you want to feel the golden period of Roman Empire, this is the place you had to visit without fail. Trip to turkey won’t be complete without taking a cruise on a yacht. The steep forest-clad slopes, hidden coves sporting tiny white sand beaches, and hundreds of scattered islands are the perfect place for exploring by sea. You need to spend at least a week time while taking holidays to turkey to view all the important historical places there. You will forget yourself in the sceneries offered by the Mediterranean coastline. Click here :

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